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Chingò Club is a PVP turn-based strategy mobile board game. A match of Chingò Club is played via internet connection by 2 players using the Chingò Club game application on 2 separate iOS/Android devices.

The game is played on a rectangular checkered board, 7 squares wide and 6 squares deep. Each player begins the game with 14 units under his/her control, placed in the 2 rows closest to their owner. Each of the units is armed with 1 of 3 weapons: Rock, Paper or Scissors. The weapons are distributed randomly, giving each player at least 3 units armed with each weapon.

Before the game begins, each player selects which of his/her units will be the Flagbearer and which will be the Trap, replacing their original weapons. Each player has only 1 Flagbearer and 1 Trap. The locations of the Flagbearer, the Trap and the weapons are initially hidden from the opponent: all units look the same.

Before the game begins, each player may shuffle his/her units’ weapons by using the Shuffle button. All of the player’s units’ are assigned a random weapon. If the player has already selected the Flagbearer and/or the Trap, he/she will have to make the selection(s) again.

The first player to act is selected at random. The players act one after another, taking consecutive turns to move one of their units by 1 space vertically or horizontally. The units do not move diagonally.

When a unit is commanded by the player to enter the space of an opponent’s unit, their weapons are revealed, and an outcome is decided based on the rock-paper scissors principle (Rock < Paper < Scissors < Rock). The victorious unit occupies the defeated unit’s space, destroying it. The victorious unit’s weapon remains revealed.

If both units are armed with the same weapon, both players are told to choose a new weapon for the unit from a special menu and a new outcome is decided. This process is repeated until one of the units is defeated.

The Trap is immobile and cannot be defeated. Moving to the space of The Trap always results in a defeat to any attacking unit. The trap is revealed by the first unit to move to it’s space and remains revealed for the remainder of the game.

The Flagbearer is immobile and can be defeated with a unit with any weapon. Defeating the opponent’s Flagbearer results in victory.